Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lindy on the Rocks!

Here's footage of Peter Strom and Nina Gilkenson dancing in the invitational jack and jill at Lindy on the Rocks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Looka There!

Here's a clip from a 2005 featuring Skye Humphries and Frida Segerdahl.

We're working on slow dancing this week. I wonder what that will bring.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Camp Hollywood footage

Here's the final from the amateur Lindy division held last night at Camp Hollywood. If I find more I will post it here. Congratulations to the competitors this weekend, whether they won trophies or not. The winners of the amateur division were Aubri Siebert and Gabe Cashman (third couple).

Also, you should buy Camp Hollywood DVDs.

The One2Swing Jitterbugs - All the Cats Join in

The One2Swing California Rolls - Love Me or Leave Me

The Underground Jitterbug Championship - Dax and Max vs. Tiffiny and Kenny
edited to add:

Here are the results to all of the contests:
Amateur Lindy
1st – Gabriel Cashman & Aubri Siebert
2nd – Will Ayces & Jenny Knox
3rd – Jason Vaughan & Tunde Hrotko
4th – Dean Curtis & Ali Bevilacqua
5th – Daniel & Tomoko Young

1st – Johnny Lee & Rebecca Williams
2nd – David Frutos & Kim Clever
3rd – Marcus Koch & Baerbl Kaufer
4th – Morgan Day & Karen Vizzard
5th – Joe McGlynn & Heidi Rosenau

Amateur Jack and Jill Leaders
1st – Dean Curtis
2nd – Morgan Day
3rd – Matt Richey
4th – Sam Chan
5th – Douglas Van Sant

Amateur Jack and Jill Followers
1st – Yon Richner
2nd – Sharlene Choy
3rd – Jenny Knox
4th – Tomoko Young
5th – Mariko Ozawa

Advanced Jack and Jill Leaders
1st – Dax Hock
2nd – Marcus Koch
3rd – Tip West
4th – Bromley Palamountain
5th – Shesha Marvin

Advanced Jack and Jill Followers
1st – Moe Sakan
2nd – Sarah Breck
3rd – Laura Keat
4th – Sara Deckard
5th – Casey Schneider

1st – One2Swing Jitterbugs
2nd – One2Swing Jitterbugs’ The California Rolls
3rd – The Fly Rites

1st – Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau
2nd – Chris & Beth Grover
3rd – Steve Garrett & Heidi Salerno
4th – Marcus Koch & Baerbl Kaufer
5th – Jacob Wigger & Jen Scricco

Pro Lindy
1st – David Frutos & Kim Clever
2nd – Max Pitruzzella & Annie Trudeau
3rd – Shesha Marvin & Sarah Breck
4th – Mike Pedroza & Nikki Marvin
5th – Kenny Nelson & Tiffiny Wine

1st – Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau
2nd – Max Pitruzzella & Annie Trudeau
3rd – Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
4th – Mike Pedroza & Nikki Marvin
5th – Andrew Hsi & Sarah Breck

Slip Slop Shim Sham

So much stuff from Camp Hollywood!!!

Here's a bit that I worked on that has a clip readily available. Max Pitruzzella and Annie Trudeau taught a class on the Slip Slop Shim Sham and I thought it was really cool. I showed up halfway through class and had to spend a lot of time catching up. Watch the whole clip and you'll get an idea of one of my weekend projects.