Monday, July 30, 2012

Camp Hollywood 2012 - at least seven exclamation points!

Camp Hollywood, after 15 years, has surpassed my expectations. Here are some video highlights: The Fly Rights!

The winners of the Golden Budgie! Soo Chan Lee and Hyun Jung Choi

Sharon Davis teaches swivels!

It's Madison Time! Hit it! This featured a more authentic Cleveland Box than the one I learned on Catalina in the 90s, thanks to Joel Plys and Tise Chao. It did not feature the authentic Birdland step. I guess there wasn't enough time to teach it.
Adrienne Weidert and Adam Brozowski melted the ice around my heart!
Hilary Alexander interviewed about Camp Hollywood!

BONUS - This wasn't shot at Camp Hollywood, but I feel that it is certainly in the spirit of the event. Adrienne and Adam dance at the home of legendary dancer Jean Veloz. Thanks to Rusty Frank recording this great moment!