Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Up Close and Personal

Here's an unusual clip featuring Carla Heiney and Nick Williams.

Any thoughts?

The full Time Warp episode, entitled Blades and Volts, aired yesterday on Discovery. If you set your DVRs, you might be able to record the whole thing soon.

edit: at least for a time, the full clip is available for watching here.


  1. yeah. Nick is buff. =)

    ASIDE from that... It's really cool how symmetric the moves are. Both dancers have lots of control. Thanks for posting that. The video helps break down the moves into digestable chunks. If only we all had instant reply in our heads...

  2. He started the P90X workout system a little while back. When I have the cash I might make an investment.

    The episode aired tonight on Discovery. The series is called Time Warp.