Friday, November 20, 2009

I Want to Hand your Hold

I mentioned Hand Dancing briefly in class yesterday. It was such a brief mention I don't think anyone would remember it. Hand Dancing is an offshoot of swing dancing that's as far as I have observed completely regional to Washington, DC.

Here's an example of what has now become known as Old School Hand Dancing:

Lately Hand Dancing has taken on a lot of influence from West Coast Swing. The modern movement in Hand Dance is dancing to more modern music. Here's a bit from last year's US Open, just under a year ago:



  1. Are they on the opposite foot from ECS? At first I thought I was seeing a side kick-ball-change on 1, but now I'm thinking they're on the opposite foot the entire time.

  2. To be honest, I haven't taken the time to learn a hand dancing basic. From what Dave Frutos tells me, it's essentially on the same feet as east coast swing, but with a bit more shuffling. It might also be kick-ball-change instead of triple step there. Perhaps while I was at the US Open last weekend, I should have asked the hand dancers there.

    Also, you missed the Underground Hand Dancing Championships in the Lindy Room at the US Open on Saturday night! It was awesome.