Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Neil and Fancy show!

I've recently started partnering with Fancy Dougherty. It has been a really playful partnership so far. She helps teach the class, we trade dance clips, we work on material. Fancy and I have been hired to teach a workshop in Tucson next month. Our bios are forthcoming!

Hailing from East Los Angeles, Neil Figuracion began studying theater and movement while at UC Santa Barbara. He discovered Lindy Hop by accident and nothing has been the same since. He has learned from international champions and has put in his time with the old-timers in Southern California. Neil has been a formative member of the Los Angeles Lindy Hop scene since the late twentieth century. He has taught Lindy Hop on both coasts and many parts in between and someday may teach swing on the moon! Neil is also one of the innovators behind the Twister Yoga craze and plans to knit a J.R. "Bob" Dobbs sweater some time in the next decade.

Frances “Fancy” Dougherty was born and raised in Van Nuys, California, and enjoys guitars, foreign languages, bubbles and a great swing out. In her dancing career, she has performed with bands such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Captain Jeffrey and his Musical Chumbuckets. She has also been featured in recent productions such as Lee Ann Rimes’ grammy nominated music video “Swingin,” and Paula Abdul’s ‘Live To Dance’ show. Competitively, she has carved her place in the scene with wins in fast lindy and the Camp Hollywood Collegiate Shag Championships. Her other talents as an Olympic sleeper, criminal mastermind and aquatic singer are currently on hold, as lindy hop has stolen her heart.

Together, Neil and Fancy teach the LindyGroove Technique Class in Pasadena, CA. Their partnership is much like that fateful night when the Flying Graysons were shot and Batman met Robin.

Also, Bobby White does it again:
Swungover: An Index of Basic Classic Clips

Seriously, there are enough clips here to last you a month. Watch and enjoy!

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