Monday, February 2, 2009

Pimp my Dance Partner

This is a 2-part video from Marcus Koch, a world-famous teacher and a pal of mine from way back. He's a corny guy, but I thought you might be able to relate to this video a bit. He's running a camp in Munich at the end of the month, Rock that Swing. I don't have a passport, but it sounds like fun!

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  1. Hi Neil! Here are my actions in response to my goals. (I’ve grouped the goals that are interrelated.)

    Goal: Strengthen knees through stretching to avoid pain!
    Goal: Good swivels without knee pain
    Goal: Fix the turnout issue I have (don't over-rotate away from lead)
    Action: Stretch legs, knees before Stepmania workout, Lindygroove, and dog walks. Step back from the swivels for the time being and refocus on balance, core engagement and sensitivity to leads.

    Goal: Improve balance
    Goal: Consistently show solid balance with engaged core
    Action: Practice balance exercises every evening

    Goal: Learn to relax my back to improve connection
    Action: Review breathing exercises. Stretch back and shoulders before dancing.

    Goal: Improve sensitivity to leads
    Goal: Be able to establish connection with leads faster and follow more readily
    Action: Try dancing with eyes closed with trusted leads. Dance more frequently than 1x/week if possible (Take advantage of 3rd Sat Swing, etc.)

    Goal: Become a bolder, less self-conscious dancer
    Goal: Figure out meaningful, interesting options to occupy my left arm/hand
    Action: Engage arms and rest of body during Stepmania sessions. Transfer ideas to Lindygroove class and setting.

    Bonus Goal!: Improve stamina.
    Action: Increase 30 minute Stepmania sessions 5X/week to 1 hour 5x/week over next 3-4 weeks. Alternate running/walking blocks on dog walks.

    Thanks, and see you on Thursday!