Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homework assignments

Yes, homework is required, but there's still hope!

With these assignments it is vital that you record these thoughts in some physical way, as opposed to simply thinking about them. This means using your notepad or hand-held device so that you can look at your notes in the future. I will never ask you to make a list of moves and generally will discourage you from this impulse. What is more interesting and invigorating is a series of ideas.

Assignment: Goals - List your goals with regards to this class. What would you like to achieve in the the next month, year and decade? What work will be necessary to make this happen?

Assignment: Interview - Choose a dancer whose dancing you have enjoyed. Approach them politely and ask questions about their dancing and how they approach what they do. Feel free to ask them about their technique and philosophy. If they are willing to show you some steps (and please make sure they don't mind) then feel free to take their feedback.

Assignment: Compliments - List the compliments you have received with regard to your dancing. You should probably also make a list of compliments you have received elsewhere, but that belongs in another book.


  1. Hiya Neil! Goals are as follows:

    1) Strengthen knees through stretching to avoid pain!
    2) Improve balance.
    3) Improve sensitivity to leads.
    4) Learn to relax my back to improve connection.
    5) Fix the turnout issue I have (don't over-rotate away from lead).

    1) Good swivels without knee pain.
    2) Consistently show solid balance with engaged core.
    3) Be able to establish connection with leads faster and follow more readily.
    4) Become a bolder, less self-conscious dancer.
    5) Figure out meaningful, interesting options to occupy my left arm/hand.


  2. So you told me to copy and paste my goals into a comment on this page, so here they are...

    -clean up my shim sham
    -truly finish learning/cleaning up Tranky Do and practice up to speed
    -clean up and smooth out my turns
    -figure out what to do with that arm that kinda hangs there when I dance
    -practice charleston every day so it smooths out
    -stand in front of a mirror and work on my swivels
    -improve/practice keeping everything engaged and connected
    -practice keeping movements smaller
    -practice jazz steps so next time I’m in the technique class I can actually do them
    -work on swivels

    Within this year:
    -learn the Big Apple
    -learn more solo jazz stuff so I can comfortably dance on my own
    -enter more Jack and Jill competitions- only without being scared first

    Loooong term (as in a 1-3 years from now)
    -eventually be good enough for that Advanced Intensive class at lindygroove
    -make finals in a jack and jill competition
    -travel to an event/exchange outside of SoCal